The right plan, the right direction. A helping hand.

We create a clear-cut plan for growth. A road map that will infuse energy, enthusiasm and vision into your company’s future. We focus on your core products or services building stability, value and increased market share. 

Business Consulting

We are a business based on relationships. Listening to the needs and objectives of our clients and helping them create value and cultivate a competitive advantage within emerging markets and trends.

Government Contracting

Contracting from A to Z. Marketing to Federal & International Agencies, Proposal Writing, GSA Schedule Preparation, Contract Negotiation & Administration— Leave the details to us and we’ll introduce you the largest buying group in the world!

Business Plan Preparation

The biggest mistake made by start-ups and growing companies is the lack of a plan and direction. We offer an outside view and a clear-cut plan for growth; a road map that will drive to financial rewards.

Business Development

Our account executives will grow your business in new directions that are often overlooked or are so buried in red tape most walk-away from millions of dollars of contract opportunities. We help translate theses opportunities into strategies, products and services, or by adapting businesses and brands to new spaces.

Graphic Design/Brand Strategy

We’re well aware that great branding appeals to consumers on both intellectual and emotional levels. Success requires a blend of insightful brand strategy and bold creativity. Good creative will grab a consumer’s attention, but the strategy behind that creative can turn making an impression into making a sale.

Supply Chain & Risk Mgmt

Our team of experts have saved companies 25% to 40% of labor and material costs by driving costs down through processes, negotiations, leveraging supplier relationships and incorporating lean management practices.

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The team at Market Advisors refreshed my marketing materials and helped me increase sales by 40% in the first year.
The team at Market Advisors brought new life to my sales and marketing efforts; a huge boost to my in-house sales team. With their assistance I was able to get multiple products on the GSA Schedule. Very pleased.